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To obtain a Boeing B-737-600/700/800/900 PIC type rating with no limitations. Computer based system home study, instructor led ground school review, and level D simulator (Boeing B-737/700/800/900) devices are used for all training and testing purposes. 


  • K&S Aviation Services, Inc. is both an approved part 142 Training Center and has served the aviation community for over 20 years offering training and type ratings on the Boeing B-737 NG, A320 and Boeing B-757/767.

  • Our clients range from airlines to military pilots, to the individual pilot seeking to become an airline pilot and/or increase their knowledge and job security.

  • K&S uses state of the art equipment and facilities. All aircraft, flight training devices, flight management system trainer, and level D simulators are operated and maintained by a team of highly qualified technicians.

  • K&S employs only highly qualified and motivational instructors able to convey aircraft technology effectively to students.

  • We seek to provide ALL customers with a challenging and motivational learning environment. After all, your education is an investment in YOU!


You will need at a minimum an unrestricted FAA pilot certificate to state:

          Commercial Pilot

          Airplane Multi-engine Land

          Instrument Airplane

Note 1:  If you are a foreign license holder please contact us for details of license conversion or training and certification compliant with an ICAO contracting state.

Note 2:  If you only hold a single-engine rating on your license please contact us for details as to how you could potentially comply with course requirements.


To be eligible for simulator only training and certification you need a minimum of practical experience. For the Boeing B-737 NG program you must meet one of the following:

  • Hold a type rating (no PIC limitation) in a multi-engine turbojet airplane; or

  • Have logged 500 hours on B-737; or

  • Have 1000 hours of flight time in two different multi-engine turbojet airplanes; or

  • Have logged 2000 hours total of which 500 hours are multi-engine turbine time; or

  • Have been appointed by the U.S. Armed Forces as PIC in a multi-engine turbojet.

If you do not meet one of these requirements you may still perform all of the training and testing on a simulator however, you will receive a limitation on your license stating the following:

“The AMEL B-737 is subject to additional PIC limitations”

The limitation may be removed by accomplishing 25 hours of operating experience as PIC on the same type under the supervision of a qualified and current Boeing B-737. This limitation should pose no problem if you are being employed as a First Officer at an airline. See FAR 61.63 and/or FAR 61.64 (2) regulation for more information on how to qualify for entry into the Boeing B-737 simulator only program. You must meet at least one of the 5 different rules to qualify for entry or the limitation of 25 hours will apply.


Students may perform the Air Transport Pilot Test concurrent with the type rating provided you qualify at the FAA ATP level and are in possession of the ATP theoretical exam results. This would be performed at NO additional charge. Please contact K&S for details of the Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP).  


For our regular curriculum F on Boeing B-737 NG, it is best to plan for 10-11 days. No car rental is required; hotels are right across the simulator training facility and 5 minutes from SeaTac airport.


For our reduced curriculum R on Boeing B-737 NG, plan for about 8-9 days.


Classes can be scheduled at any time. Let us know what your availability is and we will do our best to accommodate you based on your schedule. If you already have a sim partner, let us know when you would like to train; if you are a single pilot, we will do our best to find you a suitable sim partner to be teamed up with.


High Altitude Training is required for pilots operating the Boeing B-737 NG airplane. K&S Aviation will provide this training to jet pilot candidates which have not received an endorsement for operating a pressurized aircraft in operations above 25,000 feet.

Training Facility

Training Facility located in Seattle, Washington, USA at Alaska Airlines.

Training facility located 5 minutes from SeaTac, hotels within walking distance of training facility, NO CAR RENTAL NECESSARY CONTACT US for reduced hotel rates



"Greetings from just East of East St. Louis. Your support and services continue to be superb. Many thanks for the hiring notification from SWA. The timing  just happened to work out perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed my B737 sim training with your company. Your program was some of the best flight training I've experienced. From my best guestimate, between the instruction provided by Skip Vreeburg, Eric Bate & Ken Barnett, I had access to approximately 75 years of combined flight experience.That kind of teacher/student exposure is phenomenal. I've been a student in numerous flight training programs but the one thing I really enjoyed about Skip, Eric & Ken was their celebration of flying. If penguins spent more time with these guys, those birds would no longer be flightless! K&S came highly recommended to me and I will continue to pass along the good word. Thanks again for a fantastic training experience. Have a delightful weekend! Cheers."

Initial Boeing B-737 NG Type Rating: Curriculum F

Contact for E-brochure Home study: CBT + e-materials At K & S Aviation SEA: ground school review day, simulator training/checking: 30 hours Total time: ±10-12 days Check eligibility requirements

Initial Boeing B-737 NG Type Rating: Curriculum R (accelerated)

Contact for E-brochure Do you have 1,000 hours on ME jet and are currently flying for a Part 121/125/135/91K or military operation? Check eligibility requirements here for this curriculum: Home study: CBT + e-materials At K & S Aviation SEA: ground school review day, simulator training/checking: 24 hours Total time: ±8 days

Initial Boeing B-737 NG Type Rating: Curriculum D​ (very accelerated)

Contact for E-brochure This short course is for pilots with Boeing B-737 airline experience. Home study: CBT + e-materials At K & S Aviation SEA: ground school review day, simulator training/checking: 14 hours Total time: ±5 days Check eligibility requirements

Boeing B-737 NG PIC Proficiency Check (FAR 61.58)

Objective: To re-establish currency and proficiency (FAR 61.58) through training and checking of the Boeing B-737 systems, maneuvers, procedures, and CRM. This course uses a level D simulator device for all training/checking purposes.

Eligibility Requirements for Boeing B-737 NG PIC Proficiency Check (FAR 61.58):

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate with Boeing B-737 PIC Type Rating


  • ATP with Boeing B-737 PIC Type Rating

Course Description: Home study based on K&S e-study materials,

At K&S: Instructor-led Ground School Review, progressive checkride with K&S Training Center Evaluator.

Total time at K&S: 2 to 3 days.

Location: Alaska Airlines Training Center in Seattle

Simulator: Level D, NG series

Lodging: Fly into SEATAC which is 5 min. from training center; no rental car required; K&S has good rates with hotels all within walking distance to training center. Please contact us for info.

Specific FAR 61.58 regulations

Contact for E-brochure Check eligibility requirements

Boeing B-737 NG Differences

Contact for E-brochure Objective: To provide a flight crew member with the differences from the Boeing B-737 Classic to the Boeing B-737 NG with respect to system components and operational aspects.

Boeing B-737 SIC Qualification and SIC Type Rating

The Boeing B-737 SIC Type Rating follows the same training footprint as the initial Boeing B-737 curriculum F, without the checkride.

Furthermore, in order to receive an SIC rating on an FAA license, a candidate must perform one take-off and landing on the actual aircraft. For this reason, no SIC type rating will be issued until such a letter from a training captain is received and presented to an examiner at a FSDO or a TCE at K&S.

K&S’s suggestion: as the one take-off and landing may not necessarily be easily accessible, we suggest to go for the PIC rating (with PIC limitation – for some) as this would indicate to a flight dept. that you passed the training successfully for the specific type rating.

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Boeing B-737 Landing Currency

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