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Proficiency/Recurrent Training


  • To obtain a Boeing B-737-600/700/800/900 PC/Recurrent training

  • To obtain a Boeing Airbus A320 PC/Recurrent training

  • To obtain an Airbus A320 PC/Recurrent training


Training dates are not preset. Scheduling will depend on finding you a sim partner (if needed), simulator availability, instructor, and evaluator availability. Let us know what your availability is and we will do our best to accommodate your timeframe.


We offer an optional home study

The short PC will take about +2 days

The longer PC will take about +4 days

Fill out our contact form to request training.


Training Facility for the B-737 NG training is located in Seattle, Washington, USA at Alaska Airlines. Hotel (with K & S Aviation reduced rate) is within walking distance of training facility, NO CAR RENTAL NECESSARY. 

Training Facility for the B-757/767 training is located in Miami, Florida, USA

Training Facility for the A320 training is located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.


Bob and Joseph, completed the A320 61.58 PC on A320

"Thanks for all the help! It was a pleasurable learning and refresher course experience. Scott is a great instructor and very knowledgeable. The training facility is the nicest one I have been in."  Bob and Joseph completed the A320 61.58 PC on A320."

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