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I completed the ATP-CTP course last night and on my way back to Canada.
I enjoyed the course and found the pace of instruction and course content excellent.
Bruce Arnold was an excellent instructor during the classroom portion as well as the sim time.
Thank you for providing an instructor with a wealth of knowledge and ability to teach the subject well.
Thank you ;

Cam L.


As I began to approach the 1500 hour mark last year, I began searching for schools to help me in obtaining my ATP MEL.  I called and researched roughly 15 schools across the country and none came close to the professionalism and reputation that K and S had to offer.  As a recent graduate of the K and S ATP CTP program as well as their ATP MEL and 737NG type rating curriculum, I am extremely happy that I chose them to be my training center.  From the owner of the company, all the way down, I have NEVER experienced such top class customer service from an organization.  From Mike Sturgis, the president of the company calling to check and make sure I was progressing and getting adequately prepared for training to Sophie Strugis in sales ensuring I had everything I needed to succeed, I have been extremely impressed with the level of care shown from the company. My instructor for the ATP CTP portion, Dave Lilly, was an outstanding and experienced instructor who went above and beyond each day to make sure I was fully understanding the content.  My ATP and type rating instructor, Rick Kaye has literally been the best instructor I have ever had.  It is important that I point out that I am a roughly 1600 hour pilot who has never flown any aircraft over 12500 pounds, this was my first experience in heavy aircraft.  Rick, was excellent and not only taught me how to fly a 737, but also ensured that I understood the importance of every aspect of flying and being a professional in the 121 flying environment.  I am so glad that K and S was apart of this lifelong journey for me and I HIGHLY recommend them to ANYONE that is searching for an ATP CTP program or program leading to a type rating.  Not only did K and S welcome me into this new chapter of my life, but they prepared me for my future and I am forever grateful.


Kris J.

Oak Harbor, WA

Hello K & S Aviation, 

I just wanted to thank again for K&S' support throughout the completion of the B737 rating.


I joined a Korean airline earlier, thanks to the rating I obtained with you.

It was only possible through exceptional instruction, dedication and sacrifice of instructors like Eric and real-time support you provided throughout, prior and even after the program.

So many applicants with the rating tried out for the interview, but I was only one of two who got in - as the screening was very thorough - reciting all memory items, limitation etc.




Your instructors and Training Center Examiners Bart and Scott made the entire experience enjoyable as well as rewarding. They are both very knowledgeable instructors with more than a lifetime of experience. I will definitely be recommending K&S to any colleagues I come across looking for training in transport aircraft.


Greg N.

Wanted to express what a great job Dennis did with our ground school and B767 PC.
One of the most comprehensive PC’s I have ever received in my long career.
Was a great learning experience and conducted in a professional, courteous, and relaxed atmosphere.
Will recommend K&S and Dennis to all that need your services.


K & S Aviation,

I enjoyed very much the training, it was a great experience and I learned a lot!


Loris C. 

Allow me to begin by saying a big Thanks to you for the immense help given
at each stage of the License process. I have (school name hidden) as a
comparison where things were extremely casual and information/ help was not
easily forthcoming. 
I would like to put in a good word for both Bart and Scott. They made the
whole training and Check ride very smooth. 

I would put in a good word about your school to my colleagues.

Thanks again Regards,

Sandeep C.

I really enjoy the training, and flying with Bart and Jon was great.

Bart is such knowledgeable pilot and a fine gentleman, in just one day i learnt a lot from him.

Jon as well was a great copilot.

I would recommend K & S to my friends as well.


Gianluca C.

I wanted to thank K&S for working with me on this program. I had a wonderful experience and your instructors are a class act. Eric Bate was a true pleasure to work with and a great asset to your company. I can’t thank Bart enough for his professionalism. He is a commensurate individual and another great asset to your team.


Ryan D. (Alaska Scholarship Winner 2017)



Hello K&S,


I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to train with K&S Aviation. Bill and Bart went above and beyond to ensure Marcus and I were prepared for our B-737 type rating. I will definitely recommend K&S to any pilots I know who are looking to obtain a B-737 type rating.


Thank you again for everything.


Josh K.

Dear K&S

I would like to express my appreciation for the certification I recently received. The instructors at K&S were sensational. Thanks to their dedication and expertise, I feel well qualified on the Boeing 737.  I would highly recommend K&S to anyone that is needing this rating.  Thanks for all your hard work.





To everyone at K&S Aviation,


I just wanted to thank you for all the very professional training. I had a great experience and will definitely tell my friends that K&S is the place to do the 737 type rating. 



I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to get my ATP and B737 Type rating with K & S Aviation!  I was very fortunate to receive an Alaska Airlines scholarship in conjunction with training from K & S.  From the beginning there was always good management and communication; Sophie was always there, making it easy to not only to schedule the training with flexibility but also in setting us up with the materials with plenty of time!

From day one the instructors were outstanding in getting us ready.  They went above and beyond and even stayed several hours after our scheduled session to go over some questions we had.  Our instructors also made every effort to make sure we were ready for our evaluation and gave us the tools we needed to succeed.

My relationship with K&S Aviation was more like an aviation family dynamic.  This is definitely the best school anyone can choose!


Thank you K&S for an outstanding program on the B-757/767.

My sim partner and I thoroughly enjoyed the training. Your instructors are knowledgeable, patient and very professional.

We were happy to have the ATP practical completed at the same time as our type rating.

We will definitely spread the word that K&S is the place to go



Thanks so much for getting us into the course.  Weren't too sure what to expect, having been many years removed from the civilian world.  The instructors and evaluator were extremely knowledgeable and willing to put in the time to make sure we were prepared.  It was refreshing to see the professionalism and passion in the instructors and course administration.  Again, thanks so much for finding a way for us to get on the schedule and accommodating us.  Certainly will recommend your programs to friends and colleagues as I go on.  



Thank you for the opportunity to train with K and S. The course itself wentvery smoothly and I believe it was a true testament to both Mr. Jackson and Mr. Bate's professionalism as well as their tremendous abilities to instruct guys like me who have pretty much zero experience working with such a technologically advanced and capable aircraft. While I found the course challenging, both Mr. Jackson and Mr. Bate were more than willing to answer any question, review any system or flow, or spend extra time going over an approach or checkride item as necessary. Overall, I truly enjoyed the experience and value the time I spent with the K and S program. Thanks so much again for allowing myself and Bryan to train with your program and instructors.
Very Respectfully,



I really enjoyed the course! 


We really learned a lot in the short time we were there. I will send more your way. The instructors were awesome as well.



I just want to say thank you for all the work you put into getting my class set up.  The training was outstanding and all of the instructors were top notch.  I'm telling all of my friends about K and S, and hope they decide to set up training with you in the future. 
Once again, thanks for all of your work and time...I greatly appreciate it!  
Marc Q.

Thanks again so much for your help with everything! The course was very challenging but you and your staff were very professional and I learned volumes in a very short amount of time. Thank you!



Thank you for the great program!  Scott, Jon, and Bart are wonderful instructors.  As I told Scott and Jon, I would like to thank everyone at K & S for sharing your knowledge and love of flying.  We couldn't have done it without K & S.



Thanks for all your help during this program.  Bill did a great job preparing us during the week leading up to the checkride and Bart was a true professional!  I will continue to recommend K & S to all our present and future pilots.

Thanks again,



Bill was an amazing instructor, and we both enjoyed having Bart as our examiner. Your program here is excellent, and I'll be sure to recommend any of my other friends to go through you for training! 




I had a great experience with K&S and gained some valuable confidence as I transition from military helicopter flying to the airline industry. George Curtis is a top tier instructor with a vast knowledge base who can put anyone at ease by creating a comfortable learning environment. 


Kassidy N.

Phil and I passed our ATP Practical this morning. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed my experience with K&S. You were a pleasure to work with and you have hired some top notch instructors! 

Thanks again.


Dan T.

Just to let you know Southwest hired me! You can add me to your school's success stories.


Andy S.


I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the work you had done to arrange my training.  I want to say that Eric and Bart were fantastic.  Very knowledgeable, patient and great instructors.  The entire experience was fantastic. 


Again, thank you very much for everything, it was great.


Dave W.

If you want to pass on to your future clients, the training at K&S has been extremely helpful to me. I'm currently in Atlanta for 737 training!!  I'll be based out of LA starting in April.  But for a fighter guy transitioning to the airlines, your program is invaluable.



I highly recommend K & S Aviation for anyone who wants a new type rating.  K&S was extremely accommodating with scheduling my training around my hectic airline schedule.  The instructors were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and fun creating a very high quality training environment.  Thank you K & S for providing some of the best training I have ever received!


Thanks again, and I  will be in touch!



The overall experience & training with Dale, Eric and Ken was great. Getting a type in 8 days isn't easy, but K & S does a great job. I've had a lot of sim instructors over the years, but I can honestly say that Eric is one of the best I've ever had. His approach, knowledge and instructional style is just awesome. He is truly good at what he does, and training with him was a great experience!  

I start at Southwest August 6, if you ever fly out on us, the peanuts are on me!

Happy Landings!!


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know what a great
experience I had during my recent B737NG training. Bill, Bart and Ken were
fantastic instructors and really went above and beyond to make sure that we
were successful. We met Dale too and I think he will be a great addition to
your team.
Thanks again for the great experience. I'll be referring all of my flying
buddies here in the Seattle area.
Blue Skies!


I just wanted to share my news with you; last night Southwest Airlines called to offer me a job! Thank you both for your help with my 737 type training, and thanks again for the letter of recommendation. I have no doubt that your letter had a significant impact on the decision board, and was a huge factor in my job offer. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again!



Matt L

Greetings from just East of East St. Louis.

Your support and services continue to be superb. Many thanks for the hiring notification from SWA. The timing just happened to work out perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed my B737 sim training with your company. Your program was some of the best flight training I've experienced. From my best guestimate, between the instruction provided by Skip Vreeburg, Eric Bate & Ken Barnett, I had access to approximately 75 years of combined flight experience. That kind of teacher/student exposure is phenomenal. I've been a student in numerous flight training programs but the one thing I really enjoyed about Skip, Eric & Ken was their celebration of flying. If penguins spent more time with these guys, those birds would no longer be flightless!K&S came highly recommended to me and I will continue to pass along the good word. Thanks again for a fantastic training experience. Have a delightful weekend!



Mark L.

Thank you very much. I really enjoyed the training and all of the people at K&S. Please pass my sincere appreciation to Mike, Ric, and Dennis for all of their hard work in making it possible and thank you for everything. As everyone told me before we started, you guys are awesome. Hopefully we can send you guys some more business. I have a lot of people that are anxious to hear about our training.

Tot Ziens,


Eric A.

Thanks for the certificate and thanks to Lance, Mac and Brad for the fine work and assistance. Your staff and facilities are fantastic.

Kindest regards,


Paul T.

I have finally got through Spicejet LTD. and have joined the company as a B737NG type rated Trainee first officer. I am really glad to inform you about this; finally all the training and knowledge which I got at K and S aviation has payed off. I really want to thank you Mike and all the support staff( Jon reiff, Sophie , Bill maclaughlin and not to forget William Morgan) for all their help. Mike you had supported me a lot with all the doubts and queries that were difficult for me to find. Thank you once again, K and S ROCKS!!!


Nitin P.

Sorry if i didnt write u before, just i was so busy when i came back. we received the diploma of completion it was perfect. i was really impressed by the professionality of the people there, all great bunch of guys. i would reccomend k&s to everyone i know. if u please give me the emails of Jon, Ken and Eric that would be so nice, i want to thank them personally.

keep in touch thank u so much,


Luca G.

Just want to thank you, Sophie and Bart for the seamless training event and administration details. Everything went very well and Bart was thorough, professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of the training event. It was a pleasure working with him.

Thanks again!


Trevor T.

Hello K&S and everybody!

It's been long time no contacting you. How are you guys? How are the students of our school? Me and Batman are good, just came back from Russia. It's the second time we've been there. Missing Arizona's hot summer. It's cold at home but it is my home. There are some pictures of us that we promised to send you guys. I was planning to send it after our graduation. We completely finished our training in Mongolia so now we are officially helicopter commercial pilots of Mongolia. Again thank you guys for outstanding training, now I know what does abbreviation K&S really mean. You can be proud of us.

With the best regards,

Your student,



I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation for the excellent training I received at K&S this past month. As a Military, Corporate, General Aviation, and Test Pilot, I've had the opportunity to attend various training and recurrent courses over the years. K&S and your staff really do an outstanding job. Everyone throughout the entire process was very professional, thorough, and detail oriented. All of the instructors are passionate about flying and aviation--and it shows. I sure hope I'm as sharp, and have as much enthusiasm, as Mr. Sproat does when I'm his age :)! Maurice made the often "dry" systems/ground school topics enjoyable and more interesting with stories and real-world examples that tied in with what we were discussing. And Ken had some excellent stories and perspective from his background that helped reinforce the material he was teaching. Overall an excellent foundation to build on here at Honeywell--great job! Look forward to seeing you at recurrent!

Thanks again,


Scott N.

Honeywell Flight Test

It was a very large Pleasure to meet both of you! Thank you for making the training process so enjoyable and professional during the entire process from beginning to end. The K & S staff of instructors (Ken, Rick, and Dennis) were very prepared and educated on the material and sim training in the 757. I want to also thank you for working with our schedule towards the end of our sim training so I could go to St. Louis for my Grandmother’s funeral. It was a Joy in a time of sadness to be able to be with family! So thank you for working so hard so that would work for me! Hope to see you again sometime in the future! Best of Success with the business, as your loyalty and kind heartedness show in many ways to your customers!

God Bless


Aaron B.

Allegiant Air 757 FO

I wanted to let you know that i finally got selected by Jet Airways on their B737NG fleet. I have finished with the ground school and am presently flying as a supernumerary. I wanted to thank you, Sophie, Jon, Bill, George and Bart for all the help and training i received. It took sometime for things to get going but the training you guys imparted has stayed with me for the past year and a half making the transition to airline flying a little easier. Once again i thank you all for all the help. I hope to see you soon, either in India or the next time i come to the states.

Take care and thanks a ton,

Best Regards,


Arjun K.


Finally after over a year of waiting i've gotten into SpiceJet as well as Jet Airways. However Jet Airways was the 1st to call me to sign the contract so i took it. Thank you guys so much for the wonderful training and experience. Please do thank Bart, Jon, Bill and George for me. I should be released as a first officer some time in July.



Lyle N.

I want to thank you, Sophie, Mike, John, Bill, and Ken for making my K&S experience so very memorable. The ground school staff brought everything together , so when it was time for my oral eval, I was more than ready. And to my friends in Seattle, George, Skip, and Bart, I have never felt so well prepared for a checkride in my life. Only two days after I finished my SIM in Seattle, I interviewed and was hired in the CRJ at Skywest. Thanks again for the first class training. I’ll recommend K&S to everyone.


Jason B.

Thanks again for making my type rating possible. I am so excited that I can update my resume and application to include a B-737 type rating. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bill, Bart, and George and can’t say enough about their character and wide array of knowledge and experience. All three were truly there to make sure I succeeded. Once again, thank you so much for helping me achieve my goal. Hopefully I will be writing you in the near future to once again thank you after I advance in my career.



Skip M.

I’m pleased to inform you that I have successfully cleared my SIM check for Spicejet. I will begin my training from the 1st of June. However, I will be getting my appointment letter only after completing all their training and able to fulfill the company standards which you might be aware off. Please do convey my regards and gratitude to Bart, Bill, and Jon for their wonderful training and knowledge they provided. I would like to thank you and Sophie as well for everything so as to making my stay a comfortable and memorable one.

Thanking you,


Karthik K.

I just wanted to thank you for the organizing and support for my training! It went very well! And I got the NG on my license with no problems at all. The paperwork was great! I want to put in a good word for B. Bradley! He is a very friendly, professional aviator. His approach to my course was “right on”, he put in extra effort as well. I have done instructing myself for many years, and received training from many pilots. Bart is ”one of the best”!! Thanks again,


Grey C.

Thanks again for all the hard work you put in while in SEA. You are a very professional instructor who has developed a niche for instructing. Hopefully we will be working together some day at Southwest. It was a pleasure and great experience. I am not going to lie, I am glad it is over with. It is very rewarding to have completed the B-737 type program with K&S.


Todd E.


I passed my Chinese ATPL B-737 checkride yesterday! Words cannot describe how happy I am. I am going back to Australia to wait for my working visa and official license to be issued. Then I will relocate to Shanghai. I thank you for your training and the Chinese inspector praised my overall flying performance. Keep in touch and once again thank you.


Steven Z.

Just wanted to say thank you for sorting out all the necessary paperwork and am very happy with the training I had received. Money well spent!!! Very special thanks to my awesome instructor Capt. B. Morgan who has been extremely patient and knowledgeable. You made me feel so relaxed and I had so much fun. Thanks to B. Bradley for doing my instrument rating check and sharing your knowledge with me. I will keep you guys updated with my progress. I look forward to recommending others and using your services in the near future.


Steven Z.

I wish to thank K&S Aviation for all business courtesies extended to me during my training. The B-737 instruction I received was “top notch”! My teacher, B. Morgan, was extremely knowledgeable and experienced. He also dedicated himself to preparing me for my checkride. Anyway, I just wanted to drop this note to say I had a good overall experience.

Thank you,


Mark D.


K&S Aviation Student Testimonial
K&S Aviation Student Testimonial
K&S Aviation Student Testimonial
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