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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the type rating course last?


A: The typical initial type rating course will be between 8 to 12 days, depending on which curriculum you qualify for. We have shorter initial type ratings for pilots who already have time on type, or in jets, or the equivalent military experience.


2. How much time do I need to complete the Computer Based Training?


A: Most pilots will complete the CBT in a month’s time; The CBT will be available for 90 days before it automatically expires from the day you receive your password.


3. What are the extras?

A: Our courses have no hidden extras. You will have to budget for travel, accommodations, and food.


4. How do I book a course?

A: Once we have agreed on a class date we ask that you pay a deposit to secure your booking. The balance of your course is payable prior to the commencement of class start date.


5. Do I need a simulator partner for a Type Rating?

A: Yes, simulator training is performed in crews of 2 pilots and our courses have a minimum of 2 students. If you don’t have a partner interested in the same course, we can try and arrange one for you.


6. Where are the simulators located?


A: For the Boeing 737 NG type rating, we are teamed up with Alaska Airlines in Seattle, WA for the use of their simulators. The Boeing 757/767 are located in Miami, FL. The A320 simulators are located in Phoenix, AZ.


7. Can I obtain the ATP with the type rating?

A: Yes, if you passed the ATP written test and then bring the results of your ATP written with you (as well as your ATP CTP certificate – see question 15), you will be able to obtain the ATP practical free of charge with the type rating.

8. I am a foreign student licensed by a foreign authority and wish to obtain an FAA certificate in conjunction with a type rating. What steps do I need to take?

A: First you will have to contact the FAA and authorize them to verify your foreign license, a process known as foreign license verification. The following link will take you to the appropriate section of the FAA website:


Ask the FAA to send a copy of the verification letter to the Scottsdale, Arizona FSDO. Our e-brochures will explain TSA and immigration (SEVIS) requirements and our office will help you set this up as well. You will have to pass the ATP CTP course and ATP AMEL knowledge test before joining one of our initial type rating curriculums.

See question 7 and 15 for additional information concerning ATP certification.


Note: Sometimes, FAA FSDO personnel incorrectly inform foreign ATP applicants that it will require only passing a simulator checkride to obtain a FAA ATP with AMEL ratings if they are the holders of a foreign ATP with AMEL ratings, as well as the specific type rating they are seeking on the FAA certificate. This statement violates Part 61 ATP AMEL certification requirements. As stated in Question 1, we have shorter type rating courses for pilots with previous experience on type, or in jets, or have the equivalent military experience.


9. I have an AMEL Centerline Thrust restriction on my license. Will I be able to join a type rating course and will this limitation be removed?


A: Yes, you can join our initial type rating courses. Your training will incorporate those additional elements required by the FAA in order to remove the limitation upon graduation, and at no extra cost.


10. I have an ATP Circle to Land VMC only limitation on my license. Will I be able to have this limitation removed with my type rating?

A: Yes, as the circle to land maneuver is part of the training and testing in the course. It is performed down to published minimums and at ATP/Airplane Type Rating standards.

11. I have a Circle to Land VMC only limitation on one or more aircraft types on my existing ATP or Commercial certificate. Will this limitation(s) be removed?

A: No, it is type specific.


12. I have a Commercial or ATP ASEL certificate. Can I join one of your initial type rating courses?


A: Yes, you can join our initial type rating courses. Your training will incorporate those additional elements required by the FAA in order to add the AMEL rating upon graduation, and at no extra cost. An ATP CTP Certificate as well as the ATP AMEL written will have to be obtained beforehand.


13. Do I need a valid medical certificate in order to train and test for an initial type rating?


A: No, a medical certificate is not a requirement for simulator only training and testing. However, you will obviously require a valid and current medical certificate in order to exercise the privileges of your license.

Note 1: foreign license holders wishing to obtain a FAA certificate based on their foreign license will have to have a valid and current foreign medical certificate.


14. Do I need a valid medical certificate in order to perform a proficiency check satisfying 14 CFR part 61, Section 61.58?


A: No, if it is performed on a level C or D full flight simulator.


15. Why do I need the ATP CTP certificate?


A: The Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP) is a Part 61 prerequisite to taking the ATP AMEL (Airplane Multi-engine Land) Knowledge Test. You can present yourself to take the ATP AMEL knowledge (written) test once you have obtained the ATP CTP graduation certificate. The moment you have passed the ATP AMEL knowledge test, you will be eligible to take the ATP practical test in conjunction with an initial type rating course (see question 7).


The ruling above was put into law to ensure a better interface between the US Commercial Pilot certificate and a future US ATP AMEL certificate holder. This ruling applies equally to foreign license holders, irrespective of their current foreign license status.

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