This curriculum has as objective the intention to provide recommended academic and flight simulation training device (FSTD) practices and guidance for pilots to prevent developing upset conditions and ensure correct recovery responses to upsets.

Course Completion Standard:

Successful completion of the Jet Upset Recovery Training course will ensure that the trainee will be able to prevent developing upset conditions and ensure correct recovery responses to upsets.


AC 120-111 – Upset Prevention and Recovery Training; Attachment 6 to Appendix A to Part 60 – FSTD Directives Applicable to Airplane Flight Simulators; National Simulator Program Guidance Bulletin, Subject: FSTD Evaluation and Qualification for Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) Tasks. Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid (Revision 2) and Supplement #1 (High Altitude Operations).

Course Description:

Home study: CBT 

At K & S Aviation: ground school review day (8 hours), simulator training: 4 hours per crew on a level D simulator compliant as per FAA directive 2 to Part 60. 

Total time: ±1-2 days

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