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To All Aspiring Airline Transport Pilots

Would you like to obtain your FAA ATP on a high fidelity simulator?

Would you like to have your PIC limitation on your B-737 or A320 FAA license removed?

K&S Aviation now offers this course to Boeing B-737 series and A320 PIC type rated candidates who are seeking an Airline Transport Pilot certificate only as per 14 CFR part 61, Subpart G – Airline Transport Pilots. The minimum eligibility requirements for this course also satisfy the basis for removal of the PIC limitation as per 14 CFR part 61, §61.64(f)(2), namely: “The B-737 or A320 is subject to pilot in command limitations”.

Note: For pilots with SIC experience on B-737/A320 or a SIC only type rating on the same, please contact us for details as we have a special shortened curriculum for you.



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