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In the World of Flight Simulators – Not All Are Created Equal!

Updated: May 15, 2018

If you plan to fly for one of the major commercial airlines or cargo carriers, you will eventually need to obtain an ATP certificate. A lot of airlines worldwide wish to see some large jet experience in a candidate’s training background, typically a type rating on a Boeing or Airbus product. The Boeing B-737 and the Airbus A320 are the most utilized aircraft by airlines worldwide. To earn these type ratings, you are going to spend a significant amount of time in a high fidelity, full flight simulator .

For pilots who seek to become Airline Transport Pilots (ATP), or need proficiency or currency flight training, high fidelity flight simulators become a necessity. Level D flight simulators, the highest level of fidelity, operate on a motion platform capable of rendering g loads in all six degrees of freedom. The visual system provides an outside-world view of at least 150 degrees horizontal field with a collimated (distant focus) display. The sound system is of equal fidelity when rendering various sounds such as those created by the engines when operating or the sound of air rushing past the airframe. Only Level D simulators meet all of the FAA’s and other regulatory agencies’ standards for aircraft type ratings, pilot proficiency checks and currency training.

K&S Aviation Services Uses The Most Advanced FFS Level D Flight Simulators.

However, that being said, not all Level D flight simulators are equal. The B-737 NG level D simulators used by K & S Aviation Services’ not only meet these stated minimum requirements but currently exceed them as they are already fully compliant with FAA Directive 2. The significance of this designation is that stalls, jet upset, gusts, bounced landings and icing conditions can be realistically simulated in line flight simulations. These simulators are the first compliant simulators in the world to meet this directive, and K&S is the only flight training facility on the West Coast offering the B-737 NG simulator training course.

At K & S Aviation Services, you will receive the highest quality flight training from professional airline pilots in state-of-the-art flight simulators following a proven curriculum. Our goal is to provide you with the skill and knowledge to achieve your flight training goals with complete satisfaction. These high fidelity simulators not only provide enhanced training quality, we are able to offer training and testing at substantially reduced rates when compared to our competitors.

We offer type ratings to aspiring pilots on Boeing B-737 NG and B-757/ 767 and Airbus A320; we also provide airline interview preps and will soon be adding a complete ATP-CTP course.

Whatever your advanced training needs, K & S Aviation Services is your one-stop resource for commercial pilot training. We offer complete flight training syllabi to successfully see you through every training step you will need to advance your commercial aviation career.

To learn more about K&S Aviation Services, call +1 877-748-6745 or email us at


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