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Course Overview

The Jet Orientation Course consists of a ground training segment and, except for Curriculum S-18, a FSTD segment. This particular curriculum is intended to bridge the gap in knowledge between a pilot graduating from a light aircraft training environment and the knowledge a pilot should have prior to entering an air carrier environment. It is designed to be an aspiring airline transport pilot’s first exposure to large turbine-powered aircraft and how those aircraft perform in the national airspace system (NAS), at high subsonic speeds, at high altitude, and in adverse weather phenomena. The curriculum will also address crew management and leadership skills as well as the required professional attitudes and attributes required of candidates destined for airline operations. 

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to bridge the knowledge gap discussed in the course overview by exposing and preparing the applicant to operate safely in those operations which require an ATP AMEL certificate by rule.

Course Completion Standard

Successful completion of the Jet Orientation Course will ensure an ATP AMEL applicant receives the baseline knowledge and experience to prepare them for the duties, responsibilities, and challenges of an air carrier environment. A training center specific and personalized graduation certificate will be distributed to the student after successful completion of all the Jet Orientation Course requirements.

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