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Boeing B-737 max differences



The objective is to learn the system and operational differences of the Boeing B-737 NG series aircraft with those of the B-737 MAX series aircraft.

Course details 

The Boeing B-737 Differences Course is developed in accordance with the Flight Standardization Board Report

(REV: 17 - Date: 11/16/2020) and in accordance with Appendices 1,2,3 and 7. 

Ground Training: ​Computer Based Training in accordance with Appendices 1,2,3 and 7 - 3 hours

Flight Training: In accordance with Appendix 7 - 2 hours per crew


Contact Us for Pricing 


  • K&S Aviation Services, Inc. is both an approved part 142 Training Center and has served the aviation community for over 20 years offering training and type ratings on the Boeing B-737 NG, A320 and Boeing B-757/767.

  • Our clients range from airlines to military pilots, to the individual pilot seeking to become an airline pilot and/or increase their knowledge and job security.

  • K&S uses state of the art equipment and facilities. All aircraft, flight training devices, flight management system trainer, and level D simulators are operated and maintained by a team of highly qualified technicians.

  • K&S employs only highly qualified and motivational instructors able to convey aircraft technology effectively to students.

  • We seek to provide ALL customers with a challenging and motivational learning environment. After all, your education is an investment in YOU!


You will need at a minimum an unrestricted FAA pilot certificate to state:

  • Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate with instrument Rating - Airplane; or, 

  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate; and 

  • A current holder of a PIC or a SIC B-737 type rating.

Note 1:  If you are a foreign license holder please contact us for details of license conversion or training and certification compliant with an ICAO contracting state.


1 Day


Classes can be scheduled at any time. Let us know what your availability is and we will do our best to accommodate you based on your schedule. If you already have a sim partner, let us know when you would like to train; if you are a single pilot, we will do our best to find you a suitable sim partner to be teamed up with.

Training Facility

Training Facility located in Seattle, Washington, USA

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