Calendar Navigation Guide

1. Fill out your availability on the calendar titled with your last name, first name.
2. You may view the calendar in the format "Day", "Week", "8 Weeks", "Month", or "List"
3. Click the left or right arrow to navigate back and forth between dates on the calendar.
4. Click the blank space according with your available day/time.
5. A window titled "Add Event" will appear. (No need to fill out "Title").
6. Next to "When:", fill out the date and times you are available by clicking the drop down arrows.
7. Please write your name in the blank box next to "Who:"
8. Please click "Save", located at the bottom of the box so the event is added to the calendar.
9. Your availability is now saved to the calendar. If you would like to edit your availability; double click the box and re-enter the information. Click save when you have finished.
11. Be sure to Logout, located on the top right hand side of the screen, before closing the window. You may log back in and change your availability at any time.
10. Click "Delete" on the bottom left hand corner of the box if you wish to delete a time slot.
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