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The objective of this course is to bridge the knowledge gap between the Commercial pilot and the Airline Transport pilot by methodically integrating academic training, practical training, and flight experience. In addition the course will expose and prepare the applicant to operate safely in those operations which require an ATP AMEL certificate by rule. 

Successful completion of the ATP CTP will ensure an ATP AMEL applicant receives the baseline knowledge and experience to prepare them for the duties, responsibilities, and challenges of an air carrier environment. A training center specific and personalized graduation certificate will be distributed to the student after successful completion of all the ATP CTP curriculum requirements. 

This ATP CTP course satisfies 14 CFR part 61, §61.156 – Training requirements: Airplane category—multi-engine class rating or airplane type rating concurrently with airline transport pilot certificate. 


A person must be at least 18 years old and must meet the minimum experience requirements of one of the following:

  • §61.73   Military pilots or former military pilots: Special rules; or

  • §61.75   Private pilot certificate issued on the basis of a foreign pilot license; or

  • §61.123   ATP AMEL eligibility requirements: Commercial Pilot with an Airplane Multi-engine and Instrument Rating; or

  • §61.153 (d)(3) Holds either a foreign airline transport pilot license with instrument privileges, or a foreign commercial pilot license with an instrument rating, that was issued by a contracting State to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and contains no geographical limitations.

Note: An applicant does NOT need  a multi-engine rating to enroll in and graduate from this course. A civilian pilot may apply for a restricted ATP certificate as per §61.160. A military pilot who meets the requirements of 14 CFR part 61, §61.73 and §61.153 for an Airline Transport Pilot certificate; airplane category; multi-engine land class ratings may apply for a restricted ATP certificate as per §61.160.


30 hours of ground instruction* is foreseen for this course as well as an end of ground course exam. This will be followed by 4 hours of FTD level 4 or higher, followed by 6 hours of FFS level C or D.   


6-7 days.


Please Contact Us to schedule training.

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the ATP CTP class?

4 days of ground school and 2-3 days of simulator. Upon completion of the ground school, the 2 – 3 days simulator session is scheduled in either PHX or SEA. Note: The flight training portion must be followed within sixty (60) days of completion of ground school. A certificate of completion is provided to a student at the end of the flight training portion of this course.

What simulator is used?

K & S Aviation uses the B-737 NG FTD and B-737 NG FFS, level D simulator.

What time will simulator sessions be scheduled?

Your simulator sessions are scheduled any time of day or night.

Is the ATP CTP VA approved?

Our ATP CTP course is VA approved in combination with the Seattle based B-737 NG simulator.

Why do I need to go through the ATP CTP course?

This course is required as a first step for any pilot wanting to obtain the FAA ATP certificate and AMEL rating. Only with the ATP CTP certificate in hand is the pilot allowed to take the ATP AMEL Knowledge Test.

Do I need to prepare for the ATP CTP course?

K & S will provide an online ATP CTP Preparatory course for the theoretical aerodynamics and Upset Prevention and Recovery training (UPRT). In class we will revisit all the principles addressed in this preparatory course to ensure comprehension of the subject matter. Thereafter, the same principles will be reinforced with the use of high-fidelity simulators. The subjects addressed are those that caused the accidents which prompted the FAA to mandate the ATP CTP course. It is the intention of this specific course to give you the necessary tools to avoid the same fate as that of the pilots responsible for these preventable accidents.

Does the ATP CTP include the ATP knowledge test?

No, you can schedule this at any FAA Approved Testing Center. Important: The ATP CTP course does NOT prepare you for the ATP Knowledge test.

Does the ATP CTP Graduation Certificate expire?

No, the ATP CTP graduation certificate does not expire. The ATP knowledge test is valid for five years, by which time you must pass the ATP practical test. Note: K & S has the authorization to issue the ATP AMEL in conjunction with a type rating on B-737 NG, B-757/767 and A320 aircraft.